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From the Dollar Tree Store Support Center to Helix and 555 Belaire, Summit Pointe is showcasing world-known artists at this new metropolitan center. One of the most dramatic is Nikolas Weinstein’s site-specific installation, Onda, in the lobby of Dollar Tree’s headquarters. Weinstein’s fabricated glass sculptures are designed to create a relationship between the architectural space and nature. Hailing from San Francisco, Weinstein’s installations are on display in museums and significant architectural structures around the world. (Pictured above left)

Dathan Kane is a contemporary artist born in Hampton, Va. His work emphasizes organic black/white abstract shapes to create bold compositions. His work is on display at Helix and other pieces are on display or owned by collectors in California, Washington, North Carolina, Virginia and China. (Pictured above right)

Mathew Curran is a stencil artist and muralist from England. His two-story mural enhances the lobby of 555 Belaire. (Pictured above left) Drawing from his international roots, Curran has developed a unique and personal style, which transcends a half dozen different mediums. Over the past decade, he has drawn from street life and hip-hop culture to focus primarily on stencil work. This 6’ x 10’ work, created with hand-cut stencils, has recently been installed on the second floor of 555 Belaire. (Pictured above right)

Susie Ganch’s site-specific sculpture is installed in the lobby of 555 Belaire. Titled Labor, this piece is from a body of work inspired by bridge constructions. Ganch is a first-generation American artist of Hungarian heritage. She is a sculptor, jeweler and educator living in Richmond, Va. where she is interim chair for the department of craft/material studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. (Pictured above)


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