From its inception, Summit Pointe has been a carefully planned urban mixed-use community with protective land use and architectural covenants implemented to provide a means for creating, maintaining, controlling and preserving it as a high-quality lifestyle community.

The Summit Pointe Protective Covenants, provided below, ensure that the community will be developed, improved and used in such a manner that all developments will provide a harmonious, appealing appearance and function, that land uses will be compatible and complementary, and that property owners will be protected against any use of other land located in Summit Pointe which might unreasonably depreciate or detract from the value and use of their land or property.

In addition to its Covenants, the Summit Pointe development is also governed by its underlying rezoning case. A copy of the Covenants and zoning case are provided below.

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Dollar Tree PUD
Development Criteria

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