Summit Pointe Architectural Review Standards

Summit Pointe will be developed, improved and utilized in such a manner that all properties will provide a harmonious, appealing appearance and function, that land uses will be compatible and complementary, and that property owners will be protected against any use of other land located in Summit Pointe which might unreasonably depreciate or detract from the value and use of their property.

Before beginning construction or alteration on any Summit Pointe property, owners must first submit plans and specifications to SPARC for written approval. Plan submittals are required for construction or alteration of any buildings, enclosures and fences, loading docks, parking facilities, storage areas, landscaping or any other structures or permanent improvements on or to any site.

Plans and specifications will show plot layout and all exterior elevations, with materials and colors therefore and structural design, signs and landscaping.

Approval is based on adequacy of site dimensions, storm drainage considerations, conformity and harmony of external design with neighboring structures, improvements, operations and uses, relation of topography, grade and finished ground elevation of the site being improved to that of neighboring sites and proper facing of main elevation with respect to nearby streets.

To view the Design Review Process document click below.

Design Review Process pg.71
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Urban Design Guidelines

The SPARC has adopted a set of guidelines for all future development in Summit Pointe and this document has been posted below for use by all property owners, along with the development criteria in the rezoning case.

Urban Design
Guidelines PDF
Dollar Tree PUD
Development Criteria

Building Plan Standards

Page 19

Landscaping Standards

Page 35

Signage Standards

Page 47

These standards and guidelines are put in place in order to ensure overall architectural harmony and to enhance values for the businesses who call Summit Pointe home.

This section is intended to provide a single source for basic site development requirements and procedures in order to assist those interested in developing property or operating a business at Summit Pointe.

Members of the Summit Pointe Architectural Review Committee are:

Bob Sasser, Chairman
Chris Williams, Secretary
Burrell Saunders, Member

SPARC contact information:
Chris Williams
(757) 321-5174