Summit Pointe Has Already Become A Premier Office Location With The Recent Completion Of Dollar Tree’s High-Rise Office Tower in Phase One.My journey to discovering Summit Pointe began with my daily commute to work along Volvo Parkway for the past several years. One day on my way home, I noticed something truly distinctive as I passed through Greenbrier in Chesapeake. Out of nowhere, there began to appear the skeleton structure of a large building. I didn’t know what it was, but it was fascinating to watch its growing height as I passed by each day. After what seemed like a long time, it was finally finished with a huge wall of beautiful glass reflecting the most picturesque, cloud-filled blue sky.

More buildings were being constructed and shops being opened, so one day I decided to drive in and explore. Wow, am I glad I did! Turning into the main entrance on Summit Pointe Drive, I was surprised to suddenly find myself in a boutique town with beautiful sidewalks, little hidden seating areas, sidewalk cafes with umbrella tables, an oval-shaped park with people enjoying themselves and people strolling down the main street: Belaire Avenue. And that first building with the reflecting wall of glass was actually the new high-rise office tower of Dollar Tree, Inc., the tallest building in Chesapeake.

Helix Will Have Direct Access To The Existing 1,500 Space Parking Garage And Will Feature A Rooftop Patio And Clubhouse Among Other Amenities.Fast-forward to today, I’m now living in Helix on Belaire Avenue in Summit Pointe. I enjoy the convenience of the covered parking directly behind my unit, play corn hole almost every night on the rooftop deck, attend weekly yoga classes in the park, and visit with friends in the many restaurants along Belaire Avenue.

Just the other day, coming out onto my balcony to check the morning’s weather, I spotted an old college friend walking down Belaire Avenue. Next thing you know, we’re downstairs catching up over a couple of lattes in the coffee shop. Then I’m off, continuing my morning stroll to a yoga session in the park with about eight other friends, just two blocks up along Belaire Avenue. Afterwards, on the way back, I stop and chat with my neighbor who’s picking up his Goldendoodle from the grooming salon.

The garage-style doors of storefronts are opening up to greet the day’s customers. The aroma of freshly baked bread wafts from one of the many al fresco restaurants setting up for lunch. Up ahead are some early patrons enjoying crepes under a bistro’s colorful umbrellas as two street musicians set up to fill the air with light jazz for the afternoon. A flashy red Ferrari cruises to a stop, the fashionable couple step out and hand over the keys for valet parking before heading into the very chic Italian Bistro.

This is definitely different. This is Belaire Avenue and I am living in a community reminiscent of a small town. This is streetscape living, where everyone mixes together creating our own unique canvas of diverse personalities. It’s a relaxed, urban community with a European feel all in one!

Summit Pointe and Belaire Avenue are more like names you’d find in Los Angeles, but I’m enjoying the vibe right here in Chesapeake, Virginia. So what else is coming to Summit Pointe? I hear there’s a boutique market, rooftop restaurant, and a luxury hotel coming soon. There’s even talk of a new bandstand for the open-air concerts and community plays. A weekend farmers market is supposed to be in the works according to my next-door neighbor. The Summit Pointe streetscape right outside my front door is an entire community… my ultimate urban playground.

First-Class Businesses, Retailers, and Restaurants Will Set Up Shop Along The Tree-Lined Belaire Avenue At Summit Pointe.And so much is happening here! A wide array of community events, concerts, blood drives, school band concerts in the park, theater groups, exercise classes in the park … everyone contributes a little something and makes the space complete, for it’s the people who make this a neighborhood and a home.

I had just moved into Helix and was still exploring how great Summit Pointe could be in the evening. On the corner was this amazing, stop-in-your-tracks, great saxophone player jamming out to a classic Stevie Wonder song. Around the corner was a place that, depending on the night, had live music, open mic nights, jazz and dancing. Farther down Belaire Avenue emerged a great scene of young people, older people and families all mixing and mingling, listening to street jazz, having dinner and enjoying themselves. As the evening got later, families started to trickle out and that’s when the music really began to heat up and people started dancing!

I see the Summit Pointe community growing, becoming richer and even more vibrant, the character deepening and taking yet another turn in the pages of this story. The other two apartment communities, Mosaic and The Belaire, are well underway with residents moving in now. At the intersection of quality lifestyle and connectivity, Summit Pointe is becoming a destination and a town center for some, and an edge city for all the communities throughout Chesapeake to experience – and it feels so exciting to be in the middle of everything.

I feel like I’ve finally found a place that lets me strike the right balance between leading a busy social life and enjoying a quiet, peaceful lifestyle. As I often tell people – Summit Pointe felt like home since the first time I walked down Belaire Avenue, and now it’s more than just a street where I live, it’s a way of life.

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This is a forward-looking story portraying the life and amenities at Summit Pointe.