Statement of Purpose

Planning and organizational efforts over the past several years have created excellent opportunities for urban development at Summit Pointe. Indeed, Summit Pointe is poised to emerge as a new downtown for Chesapeake – to become the newest lifestyle community in Coastal Virginia. The Summit Pointe Architectural Review Committee (“SPARC”) has created this Governance section of our website to assist owners and developers in responding to these opportunities and help shape the future of this dynamic community.

This governance section is intended to serve as a general guide to the resource documents available to owners and/or interested developers to the procedures being implemented, but also as a guide to tenants and residents about the rules and regulations governing our community. The various tabs within this Governance section are intended to be as informative as possible.

The Summit Pointe Owners’ Association (“SPOA”) has taken a number of steps to create an efficient architectural review process and to ensure the internal preservation of individual property owners’ rights. In order to briefly acquaint you with these issues and the processes that SPARC has been empowered to use, a comprehensive outline is provided in this governance section.

This governance section is intended to be as informative as possible and to assist you in obtaining the best possible value for your property. Knowledge of the process along with an understanding of the opportunities and restrictions to urban mixed-use development in Summit Pointe are an essential part of that process.